Weird reviews

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Re: Weird reviews

Post by Mojca » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:27 am

I have some experience with technical aspect of intereg and FP7. You basically cannot write i will use that and that resources for publications, or leaflets (making up examples) if you do not have budget forseen for that if you have budget forseen basically for salary and travel. So how in what context can evaluators demand it(allocation of resources or similar was the critique) It is weird also since i have seen quiet some projects that cointain categories WP1(work package) management WP2 dissemination, and they go through the whole duration of the project timeframe that in the evaluation there is another criticque stating that this structure is not enough elaborated. And also like I maybe stated before i was sent to attend some info day on Msca by my job university and the information that was provided was very generic, very hard to draw some conclusions from it.

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