Marie Curie IF salary Netherlands

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Marie Curie IF salary Netherlands

Post by snowman » Wed Apr 21, 2021 2:31 am

Hi all,

I am writing to ask if someone could share its direct experience about the gross salary for Marie Curie postdoctoral fellows in the Netherlands.

Is effectively the gross salary corresponding to (4880 euros * correction factor) + mobility allowance or is it calculated on the basis of the national salary tables?


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Re: Marie Curie IF salary Netherlands

Post by cdemente » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:23 am

The 4.880 * correction + mobility allowance is not the gross salary, but the money they pay the University to cover the cost of your salary.
I am currently working as a MSCA-IF Postdoc and my GROSS salary is around 3.700€/month (TU Delft), no family.
It is also important to know that in the Netherlands they have a 30% tax ruling, which means that 30% of the salary (international researchers) is free of taxes. (In my case, that means around 3.100€ NET)

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Re: Marie Curie IF salary Netherlands

Post by taoee » Sun Dec 05, 2021 7:35 pm

Do you and your Dutch university contribute to the ABP pension fund?

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Re: Marie Curie IF salary Netherlands

Post by Alex90 » Wed Mar 23, 2022 1:18 pm

Hi all!!

I was also concerned about my low salary in my paycheck in comparison with the income indicated in the proposal and SyGMA portal (in my case it went down from EUR 5,880 to 3,400). I asked about this to project controlled and she replied to me with the following email (see at the bottom), hope it is useful for somebody.

I still have some questions maybe someone with experience can help me with?

1. Is there any way of avoiding these government salary scales and getting the salary that we expected since the beginning?
2. What happens if I stop the MSCA before the project ends? Will I get the remaining money that I was supposed to get during the time I worked?
3. I'm doing a secondment in the USA, and the low salary during the first year (resulting from the government salary scales) is really low in comparison with the cost of living here, is there any way of getting a higher salary during the secondment due to the fact that I'm abroad?

Thank you in advance! Best,


email (VU is my Dutch university, and when she says portal, it refers to SyGMA):

The amount in the portal is what we need to spend on your whole salary (employers’ cost). The VU only pays out its employees in the salary scales of the government and therefore your contract includes this amount. This salary increases every year (by inflation and an additional step in the scale) and will ultimately amount in paying out your whole salary. Please note that it is a requirement of a MC project for us to pay out the full amount granted in salaries, so if there is any remaining balance at the end of the project, this will result in an extra payment to you. However, if it turns out we paid you too much salary, this is the risk that the VU takes.

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