Gender dimension in Science MSCA 2022

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Gender dimension in Science MSCA 2022

Post by XmendeleievX » Sat Jul 30, 2022 5:30 pm

Good afternoon,

I am struggling to address the gender dimension in my MSCA proposal (CHE). Maybe we can share our approach to this section and help each other?.

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Re: Gender dimension in Science MSCA 2022

Post by raff » Mon Aug 01, 2022 9:19 am

This section will obviously need to fit your proposal very well, so the usefulness of seeing one from other projects is limited. However, I'm happy to share mine. It's in the area of AI (mostly natural language processing), and while gender is not obviously relevant, I managed to link it in. Here is my paragraph, with some stuff edited out, so that it makes sense out of context:

One of the meaning dimensions that deserves special attention due to [one of the aspects of the project], is the gender of the persons mentioned in text. There is a growing body of work, showing how a bias in training data can result in models that behave differently depending on the genders in input text. This problem has been observed in tasks as varied as computing word associations (11), coreference resolution (12) or sentiment analysis (13). This is very relevant for my project, as its goal is to look for [one of the goals of the proposal]. Thus, within [one of the tasks] I plan to check if the [one of the investigated phenomena] change depending on the gender of the individuals mentioned and if this can be used in [one of the applications]. For more information on the ethical aspects of the project, see the Ethical Self-Assessment in part A of the proposal.

The review said The gender dimension is relevant and is adequately addressed in the proposal., so guess this must me good enough. Hope this is any help!

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Re: Gender dimension in Science MSCA 2022

Post by FairEnough » Mon Aug 01, 2022 10:44 am

My panel also CHE, I simply wrote:

"Important to highlight, there is no gender dimension in the research content."

No comment from the evaluator on that. neither positive nor negative. This means no problem with that as there would be no difference if a lady who runs the experiment or a man haha

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