Need suggestion related to MSCA H2020

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Need suggestion related to MSCA H2020

Post by P9993 » Sun Jul 30, 2023 9:47 pm

Hello, I am in need of some suggestion
Been enrolled in PhD since 2020 funded by MSCA H2020 grant.
I am suppose to finish this year and doesn't seem like I would be able to.
The supervisor says no more funding is available to keep me for an extra year (Don't wanna go into that)

My question is do I personally owe any money back if I am unable to finish the phD and have to leave ?
The grant agreement for the program is shown here : ... 2.0_en.pdf

Just to be clear I am trying my best to finish it by putting in day and night, but the above question keeps popping up in my head and is now affecting my ability to work.
Thanks in advance for your responses
Really appreciate

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